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There's no question that advertising has changed. Long gone are the days of "yell & sell" without having any data or research to support your efforts. With continuous rapid growth of the digital and experiential space, there has never been a more important time in the history of advertising to make sense of it all.

At this year's conference, The ARF will be presenting groundbreaking research definitively explaining how advertising works today. It's been 30 years since ARF undertook a project of this scale, making the results vital to all C-suite advertisers.

Today, as we begin the conference, you'll be among the first to hear findings from "How Advertising Works Today": ARF original research on more than 5,000 case studies, deep neuroscientific and meta analyses, decades of scholarship.

Re!Think provides a platform for incredible speakers to share their knowledge and experience, as we take the next step in translating science into sales.

The journey of tomorrow, begins today. Welcome to Re!Think 2016.

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