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The 4A's Jay Chiat Awards Logo

A Design Evolution
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The 4A’s Jay Chiat Awards sought a new identity design, aiming to celebrate groundbreaking advertising strategies while honoring the legacy of Jay Chiat, the award's namesake. The primary goal was to develop a logo that not only encapsulated the essence of the award but also harmoniously integrated the 4A’s branding.


The 4A’s Jay Chiat Awards, in conjunction with their Strategy Conference, hold a distinguished status within the industry. They stand as a beacon recognizing strategic audacity and honoring those visionary strategists who perceive opportunities where others perceive only risks. Notably, the previous logo designs failed to match the caliber of the submitted works, prompting the quest for a more fitting representation.

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My choice of a bold serif font arranged in a triangular configuration was deliberate, aligning with the robust diagonal shape of the 4A’s logo. Cleverly, the 'y' served dual purposes, functioning as the dot for the 'i', while a strategically placed line separated the name and the awards section, guiding attention to the 'd's ascender and the 'a's serif.

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25th Anniversary Update

The resulting logo’s uniqueness skillfully blends nostalgic elements with a contemporary aesthetic. Its adaptability was evident in seamlessly incorporating the 25th-year anniversary while retaining its core design. This versatile logo found its place on physical trophies, signage, a step and repeat photo backdrop, and across diverse marketing collateral.

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