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Blaze Camo

Identity and Packaging Design
  • Personal Project
  • Art Direction,Branding, and Packing Design


Blaze Camo was a post hardcore band that I was in. A German label wanted to release all our old recordings from demo tapes and compilations on 12" vinyl as a collector's item.


I updated our logo with hand drawn letters, Reached out to two artists to create cover art, created a camouflage pattern and layed out the cover, inserts and labels.


The printed sleeve, insert and labels looked both exciting and intriguing. The Fans got a product that was truely original with visuals that matched the audio.


The logo was created by hand with brush and ink, and then tweaked digitally. The logo is bold, angular, and urban. I create both an inline and stacked version.

Blaze Camo Logos BlackBlaze Camo Logos white with pattern

Record Cover

I had recently visited an artist friend's open studio and had seen a painting that I really liked. It felt both menacing and weird, which reflected the mood of the band and had an orange strip in it which connected to the origin of the band's name (Blaze Camo is fluorescent orange camouflage used by hunters). I asked him if I could use it for the cover of the record, and added the logo and title.

Front Cover

For the back cover I wanted something a little more graphic, so I reached out to a comic artist friend and he sent me some options. I decided to use a multi-eyed monster/demon character. I add the camouflage pattern in the background, the track list, a brief history of the band and art credits.

Back Cover


The insert was a double sided glossy page with lyrics, band photos and studio information. I used rubber stamps to write out the song title and created illustrations for each song.

Insert Side AInsert side B


Insert Side AInsert side B
Nevo example image

Die-Cut Sticker.