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Jesse Jones

Art Director


I am a multidisciplinary Art Director and an enthusiastic collaborator. A Branding Specialist, I have extensive experience in marketing, motion graphics and web design. I believe that understanding and defining the core problem is the key to finding the most effective solution.

My prior entrepreneurial experience as the partner in a boutique creative agency gave me the opportunity to wear many hats. It diversified my experience and enabled me the opportunity to develop and expand my skills including client management, strategic planning, digital and email marketing, packaging, paid and organic media, and SEO.

With an MFA in painting, I enjoy working in varied mediums and my work as been shown in galleries and studios, primarily in NYC.

I emigrated from England with my family when I was a teenager, I am now almost fully Americanized, other than pronouncing a few words in a funny accent.

Design creates culture.
Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future.
- Robert L. Peters

In past lives I was a DJ, punk rock singer, and performance artist. When I’m not designing, or spending time with my family, I am painting or printing.

My fine art site:

Case Studies

Some of the brands I have worked with