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GRADE is an Architecture and Interior Design company based in New York. I worked with GRADE for a number of years, designing their website, branding and promotional materials. They wanted a sophisticated logo that communicated luxury and sharp aesthetics.


I created a logo, website and marketing materials for them.


GRADE gained high-end fashion clients.


I chose a thin weight sans serif, reducing the kerning so that the letters touch, and customizing the "G", "R", and "A". The light version is a pale gray, while the darker version is a dark grey. A reflection effect was used to create the illusion of an expansive, slick and glossy environment.

Grade Logos

Web Site

I decided to make the website dark so that the photos of their architecture and interior design would have a lot of contrast. The layouts were minimal and grid based, with photos being the main focus.

Grade WebsiteGrade Website

Marketing Materials

In addition to flyers and invitations, I collaborated with GRADE to create end of year gifts for their clients. This include emboss Moleskin notebooks and custom hats. In addition to designing how the logo would be applied to the products, I sourced the vendors and managed the run.

Pier 59 Ribbon